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RL Design

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Tue, August 17, 2010 20:02

I've made a design for an architect. It's all about the lines and shapes. More information posted soon.

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My Dad's Portfolio Website

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Tue, August 17, 2010 19:38
My dad is a very creative individual and likes to design en develop concepts etc.

Have a look at Jonathan's Portfolio Website: Click*

"I design & develop functional, creative, details and usability oriented websites as well as web applications by exposing the simplicity and the latest web standards as the main principles."

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Admission Assignment WDKA

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Mon, April 26, 2010 17:58
Day of my life..


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Buttons - Graduation Project: Duursamen

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Wed, April 14, 2010 17:38

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DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Wed, April 14, 2010 17:35

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Campaign: Inland Shipper: Shipper Icons

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Thu, March 04, 2010 17:11

Click* for a lager picture

This was a school project, but also a real competition. The competition was given by the SJP. A lot of schools and academies took part. Now it's waiting for the results.

Develop a campaign that shows that no profession is as beautiful as that of the inland shipper. The budget is unlimited as is the choice of media and resources.

Campaign introduction "hazard icons":
As a boatman you transport various cargoes on the European waterways. The main goal is to transport cargo from A to B. During your work you are mainly in your cabin from which you have an overview of the water. Sometimes you transport hazardous substances and Also in the engine room you can be confronted by dangerous situations. Also, loading and unloading must be done strictly by the rules.

The target audience is mainly young people aged between 15 and to 25 years. Because hazardous materials and situations are especially challenging. I want to "recruit" young people to do this dangerous course. It is precisely to show that it is not boring, rigid or monotonous. I have therefore chosen for "hazard icons”.

Shape and colour:

To make it even clearer that it's about the maritime world I've chosen maritime icons. To reinforce that image, I have "expressions" that have to do with the profession. Like: "Always progress", "The best mates are (still) on land", "Forever capture", "Make decisions, chop the knot", "Floating is not sinking," "Dead exciting".

With all these elements together it gives you a clear picture without it being too ''much'' for the viewer. With the bright colours (yellow danger, blue of the sea) and the violent images I want to shock, but in a fun way. I want the adrenaline pumping in their veins.

Marketing tools:

I have chosen to deploy posters because these are large and easy to see as well as easy to distribute. I recommend re-enforcing the messaging by giving away free (post)cards with stickers of the “hazard icons” on them so that interested people can use them to ''label'' their own stuff. Today many young people have an iPhone, so it would be hi-tech to try and create an application or an advertisement to reach those young people just by 'clicking' on the website for further information.

I also thought of using a large sea container (which is actually what an inland skipper often carries) which you can put in the middle of city shopping areas, or near railway and bus stations etc. People are then lured into the container to look to see what it actually contains. Inside they would find information about the training to become a professional inland skipper. This information will be given by inland masters / students, movies on screens, and flyers that could be made available inside the container.

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Logo: Barth Maintenance

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Wed, February 03, 2010 22:50
I've made a logo and some business cards for Barth his carpentry and maintenance company.

Here is the result!

Here his car:

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94 Wines Competition

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Mon, December 07, 2009 22:15
I've entered a design competition for "94 wines"

Please vote!!


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Logo Contest: Dutch Cowboys

DesignPosted by Chloe Rice Thu, November 19, 2009 15:31

Ive entered a logo contest for Dutch Cowboys.

Ive made more logo's, but those I made at my internship "Studio Piraat". So the best logos are going under their name. Unfortunately...

But Ive saved one to enter with my own name..It isnt my best one but here it is:

This one Studio Piraat sent in of mine:

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